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Princes Madcat pickups

30-Jan-2016 Rev-3

According to Princes guitar tech he installed Kinman Strat pickups model AVn-62 Mk-1 in bridge and neck position. Prince asked him to change the White covers to Black by using a Magic Marker. NOTE: we offer Black covers as an option.

Prinz control plate: Customers ordering these Kinman pickups will also be interested in our Goodbye-Soldering Harness for Tele which is better than the original in many ways. Although the metal control plate appears to be similar to the one in my Goodbye-Soldering Harness for Telecaster I can not guarantee it will be interchangeable without any adjustment/modification. I suspect though that it is interchangeable. For more information about the Tele Harness navigate to >Products >Harness >Telecaster.

There you will see this >>> “NOTE: Some early Mexican Teles and Tokai's have an exceptionally narrow control cavity which has to be widened to allow our CTS pots to fit in. The MIM specimen I saw was made around 1992. However later versions of Fender's MIM have a normal control cavity measuring 25mm (1" ) wide. I recommend you measure your cavity if in doubt, or be prepared to have it widened with a router. “

Same might be true for the Prinz so check the control cavity.