Bridge Blaster



These are off the chart excellent!! I've tried so many conventional and noiseless....I'm fortunate I did not give up the search for the best. My search is over with Kinman. In my personal observation, these are so good, I'm retro-fitting all my guitars with Kinman. Thanks a million for THE BEST pick-ups made!!! Ciao

Paul Lerman



Arrived by very fast shipping, thanks. Excellent pickup, kudos to Chris. It is everything that the website claims: quiet, w/ wonderful frequency balance. A great design. The Rick Kelly tele that I am using on is an amazing hand-made gtr (Dylan and Bill Frisell are two of the many notables who use Rick's guitars). Mine (scored on eBay last year, since orders are min 2 years out), has a great Fralin P92 neck pu, but it over-powered the Fralin bridge pickup. In addition to being a fantastic-sounding tele bridge pu (noiseless of course), your Bridge Blaster's extra output allows me to set the P92 higher to improve it's tone (I had it almost flush into the pickguard to balance with the bridge single coil). With the Bridge Blaster I have improved this great guitar, making it beyond superb. A very happy customer. (Already recommended Kinman to others - now, as an actual user...WOW) Thx,

Asa Cancell


Very easy install. I have tried it on four amps (early '90s Mesa/Boogie Mark III, late '70s Ampeg VT-40, new Epiphone Valve Junior and a class A 5 watt amp I designed and built). I have tried it with/without effects (Teese RMC-6 wah, MXR 108 fuzz, vintage mu-tron phasor II and Maxon AD999) and with/without reverb. I gotta hand it to you, this is a great pickup and it is dead quiet. It is a good match for the Burstbucker pro rhythm pickup I put in the neck position and I honestly have not found a bad sound out of this pickup. I've cranked up the mesa and the ampeg and not only is this thing noiseless but it handles everything I throw at it. Great dynamic range, nothing choked or whimpy, and the middle position sounds great too. I am very impressed. Well worth the wait. Thanks again!



Hello Everyone at Kinman! I know you're busy so I'll just briefly tell you that my Bridge Blaster installation was quick and easy, and I'm thrilled with the tone!! Loud and sparkly... But not too sparkly... It sounds fantastic. Thank you very much for the amazing product, and your great (and fast) service. Keep up the fabulous work and have a wonderful day...