Kick in the Arse

Ken Brogno

San Francisco


I installed the full set of 3 Kick in the Arse and am very pleased. Like the Jazzmaster Fatmaster pickups that I orderd last year, Kinman pickups are everything they claim to be. The non-existent string pull makes a big difference over other pickups. It's not as sublte a difference as you would think, both in terms of string feel and the Stratitis out-of-tune wolfe-tones. The overall tone is very full and pure, but there is so much adjustment that I can stil get a single coil type of tone out of them if I want. Two thumbs up big time.

Felipe Cruz


I've been very happy with you Kick-In-The-Arse pickups. I've gotten a lot of compliments from guitar players and luthiers alike on how unconventional (in a good way) they sound. The most consistent observation I've heard from other players is that it sounds like a crossbreed of P-90 and humbucker and that's probably due to the maple neck on my ESP guitar.

I'm really impressed how full sounding the pickup is for a neck position. It's definitely a fuller sound than the mini humbuckers that Seymour Duncan & Dimarzio offer. I think the unique sound of the Kick-In-the-Arse pickups are surprisingly great and I'm so impressed.

I just ordered another set of 3 Kick-in-the-Arse for neck and bridge and Big-9-O for the middle for my Kiesel Strat. I included the harness option too. Take it from me that my new purchase implies how happy I am with your great Kick-in-the-Arse pickups.